How to replace a spray attachment

If cleaning the spray hose doesn't improve its performance, you need to replace it. These units are available at hardware stores and home 

centers and usually come in black  plastic. But other colors are available, like white and chrome. Its's best to buy a replacement unit made 

by the same company that produced the faucet. But universal kits will generally work. Start by shutting off the water at the valves under the

sink. Then drain as much liquid from the hose as possible. Put a bowl under the sink just below the hose; then cut the hose in two so any 

water left inside will drain into the bowl. Pull one half of the old hose through the sink deck opening, and discard it. then, disconnect the 

other piece of hose from the faucet nipple under the sink, and throw it away.

1. After removing the old spray attachment, slide the rubber gasket onto the new one's fitting shank(inset), and feed the shank through the 

sink deck hole. Slide the hose through the deck fitting from above, and install the jamb nut below. Tighten the nut until it's snug.

2. Finish by connecting the spray attachment's hose to faucet's diverter nipple. Use a light coating of pipe joint compound on the nipple.

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